Meet the Cats! From Lead Inc.

Meet the Cats! From Lead Inc.

ZOO Series by LEAD INC. 


The Popular stuffed animals that have with strong material in their legs and tail, allowing them to stand up on their own, is here in Singapore! 

These cute animals come in a variety of forms, including dogs, cats, and even white tigers, and are being sold one after another. They’re perfect for taking Instagram-worthy pictures side by side with, and are well-made, making them a great addition to any collection. These versatile toys can be arranged at the entrance, used as interior decoration, or in any other way that suits your fancy.

The legs and tail contain wires which allow for easy bending, making it possible to position the toy in different poses. This flexibility is the secret to its popularity, as it allows for a variety of different operations. Get your own fully independent stuffed animal today!

How It Got Started

Lead’s ZOO series got popular in Japan very quickly and was followed up with the Seating ZOO, the Fatty ZOO and the mini versions.

Their popularity can be seen easily on the streets of cities in Japan from Tokyo to Osaka and the social media timelines of the many Japanese. 

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