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Detective Conan Kaito Kid Special Collection #2


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The pint-sized detective takes on the phantom thief in a thrilling game of outwit, outplay and outbluff!

Sonoko’s wealthy Uncle Jirokichi has a long-standing grudge against the Kaito Kid. This time, he’s prepared the “Blue Wonder”gem as bait to lure him into a trap. It’s a price no thief can resist, and a challenge the phantom thief accepts!

Fortunately, Conan has a personal score to settle with the Kid as well, and is bent on exposing his tricks. The slippery thief is always one step ahead, but with Conan hot on his heels, he’ll have to toe the line!

Who will have the last laugh in this game of police vs thief? The flashy two-part special goes out with a bang!

Preview Link: http://sa.tameshiyo.me/9789811136740

Title Detective Conan
Product Size 12.7cm x 19.05cm x 2.5cm
Material Paper
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