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Detective Conan VS Kaito Kid Deluxe Edition


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The Junior Detective League is enlisted to protect a priceless statue from the Kaito Kid’s thievery. The kids are sure it’ll be a breeze… until they have to solve the case without Conan! In another case, Kid announces his plans to break into a museum, not to steal… but to
return a collection of stolen historical artifacts? And then, a new challenger Makoto Kyogoku steps in to take on this slippery thief…. all
this to stop him from stealing his girlfriend Sonoko’s heart! There are many impossible heists that the Kaito Kid can pull off, and only one
pint-sized detective that’s clever enough to outsmart him! The Kaito Kid is back with more impossible heists,but Conan is hot on his trail!

Adapted from original manga MEITANTEI CONAN Volumes 68, 70, 78, 79 & 82.

Preview Link: https://sa.tameshiyo.me/9789811408533

Title Detective Conan
Product Size 12.7cm x 19.05cm x 2.5cm
Material Paper
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