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Pre Order ends 2 May 2022 Estimated Arrival Dec 2022

Model Specifications:
■ This model kit is an exclusive variation kit from SIEG SPRINGER that features a different color scheme for the armor and includes some newly designed parts.
■ There are two horns to choose from: a blazing horn (clear orange version) and a ram horn (red version).
■ It comes with a special black flying base printed with the “SANAT” crest, and the optional supporting prop can be used to display the model in various ways.
■ By swapping out the head unit and step unit, a Governor can be mounted in front like a centaur.
■ The tail unit is flexible so the model can be transformed into Sprinter Mode by attaching the included effect parts.
■ Includes original effect parts that can be attached to the tail unit.
■ The model has a deployable hard point on the abdomen where various armor parts can be attached to make an original customized model.
■ Two types of the humerus units of the forefoot are included: one designed to be more aesthetic and the other more customizable.
■ The head sensor is pre-painted, allowing you to build the model close to the finished image just by assembling.
■ The color scheme of this model is red, gunmetal, and clear.
*The red is the same color as AGNIRAGE and some other models, and the gunmetal is the frame color commonly used within the HEXA GEAR series.

Included Items:
■ Step Unit ×1
■ Boost Effect Parts ×2
■ Original Effect Parts ×2
■ Ram Horn ×1
■ Forefoot Customization Parts (left and right) ×1
■ 3mm Joint Parts ×2
■ Black Flying Base with the SANAT Crest ×1
■ Archive Card ×1

Additional information

Dimensions 31 × 19 × 10 cm

Product Height (mm)


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