JK033 Koyomi Takanashi 【Swim Style】DREAMING STYLE BLACK SWAN


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Featuring chic, sophisticated coloring, the black one-piece contrasts her skin, bringing out a delightful new side of Koyomi.
The kit comes with an original romantic beach background sheet.

Koyomi’s swimsuit is a simple one-piece with a ribbon on her chest and a bold design with cross straps on the back. Parts such as her straw hat and high-heel sandals are partially pre-painted. The sitting body and fixed legs allow for more natural poses.

*This is a limited edition item and is only available in limited quantities from select retailers.
*The background card is a Kotobukiya shop exclusive in Japan.

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Product Highlights!
[Neck Joint]
The neck joint slides back and forth, making poses looking up or tucking in the chin even more natural than before.

[Sitting Body]
The sitting body for Koyomi was sculpted with her sitting in a chair or in a W-sitting pose in mind.
Sit her on various small items or combine with the After School sets sold separately.

[Fixed Legs and Dedicated Stand]
In addition to the sitting body, the fixed legs allow poses with knees bent further than possible with the articulated legs. They attach from the thigh and can be arranged to have only one fixed leg part for even more posing options.
She can also be displayed in a crouching position using the sitting body, fixed legs, and dedicated stand.
*The dedicated stand is clear.

[Newly Sculpted Hands]
These newly sculpted parts offer a gentle helping hand. They can be used in a variety of situations including poses with hands blocking the sun or holding small items.

The bracelet on her left hand is made in clear purple for a beautiful transparent finish.

[Pre-Painted Parts]
Parts such as her sandals and ribbon on her hat are pre-painted, allowing for a model faithful to the completed design just by assembling the model.
Four newly sculpted face parts are included. Choose from winking, glaring, tongue out, or the smiling face from her summer clothes kit to display her in a variety of expressions.

[Bare Feet Parts]
Aside from the sandals, the kit comes with bare feet parts. In addition to feet for simply standing, feet with toes curled and feet with toes lifted are also included to expand the range of posing options.

[Glasses and Bangs]
The kit includes two types of glasses and three types of bang parts. They can be combined freely between those with or without glasses.
*The glasses are not colored and need to be painted to fully recreate the finished sample.

[Clear Blue Display Base]
The display base is made of a clear blue that evokes the waterside.

Included Items:
1. Koyomi Takanashi Model x 1 Set
2. Parts for 3 Hairstyles: Bob Cut, Half-Up, Braids x 1 Set Each
3. Bangs for Without Glasses x 3
4. Attachments for Styling Bangs x 1
5. Expression Parts (Pre-painted): Winking, Glaring, Tongue Out, Smiling (Mouth Open) x 1 Each
6. Expression Parts (Unpainted): Winking, Glaring, Tongue Out, Smiling (Mouth Open) x 1 Each
7. Straw Hat x 1
8. Glasses x 3
9. Folded Glasses x 1
10. 8 Types of Hand Parts: Holding (Standard), Holding (Narrow), Holding (Wide), Holding (Round), Closed, Pointing, Open (A), Open (Resting) x Left and Right Parts for Each
11. Sitting Body x 1 Set
12. Fixed Leg Parts x 1 Set (Left and Right)
13. Bare Feet Parts: Regular, Rounded Toes, Upward-turned Toes x Left and Right Parts for Each
14. 6mm Diameter Neck Part for Megami Device x 1
15. Display Base x 1 Set
16. Decals x 1 Sheet
17. Original Romantic Beach Background Sheet x 1

Brand Kotobukiya
UPC 190526050778
JAN 4934054048991
Product Name Koyomi Takanashi Swim Style DREAMING STYLE BLACK SWAN
Series Title (License) SOUSAISHOJOTEIEN
Month of Release JUL-23
Quantity per Master Carton 12
Scale 1/10
Product Material PS ABS POM PVC
Product Height (mm) 160
Product Height (in) 6.3
Product Weight (g) 0
Package Lidded Box
Package Length (mm) 310
Package Width (mm) 190
Package Height (mm) 85
Sculptor Name
Country Of Origin China
Safety Testing ASTM PROP65 CE

Additional information

Weight 1 kg
Dimensions 36 × 24 × 13 cm

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