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Muv-Luv UNLIMITED The Day After 1/144 Takemikaduchi Type-00R konoe16 Commander


Pre Order ends 4/12/2022

From Muv-Luv UNLIMITED The Day After, the blue TAKEMIKADUCHI TYPE-00R for the exclusive use of members of the 5 Regent Houses joins Kotobukiya’s plastic model kit lineup in 1/144 scale!

This overwhelmingly imposing figure of the 16th Guard Battalion that participated in Operation 21st is now available.

A newly sculpted EML-99X Electromagnetic Induction Launcher is also included, which can be equipped onto other Shiranui units of the same scale.

Feature Explanation:
■ The included Assault Cannon and PB Blade can be attached via the Mount Pylon on the back.
■ The EML-99X Electromagnetic Induction Launcher can also be swapped in.

EML-99X Electromagnetic Induction Launcher Explanation:
■ The belt magazine is made of synthetic rubber, allowing for flexible movement.
■ The forward grip can be attached to one of 3 different locations, allowing for a wide variety of poses.
■ The rear grip can be rotated.

Pre-Painted Parts:
■ The pattern on the front horn is pre-painted in orange.

Included Items:
■ Type-87 Assault Cannon x2
■ Type-74 PB Blade x2
■ EML-99X Electromagnetic Induction Launcher
■ Type-74 Mount Pylon System (Blade Mount) x1
■ Type-74 Mount Pylon System (Gun Mount) x1

Muv-Luv Portal Site

Muv-Luv Alternative Anime site (Available in Japanese Only)

Muv-Luv UNLIMITED The Day After

(This item is a reproduction.)

Additional information

Weight 4.04 kg
Dimensions 31 × 19 × 8.5 cm

Sculptor Name

MARUYA, Masayuki Ishii

Estimated Arrival


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